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Fikus, Shwizz, Urban Sun, and Rolando Ramos Presents

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This past Thursday, the well-stacked quadruple bill that had everyone at Mexicali Live moving included; Rolando Ramos Presents, Urban Sun, Shwizz, and FiKus. The theme of the evening was psychedelic funk, the bands were jamming and everyone was getting down. Mexicali Live, (formerly Mexicali Blues) of Teaneck, New Jersey has risen to prominence in the New York Music scene over the past decade as one of "THE" places to see both regional and national caliber acts several times a week. The crowd was pumped for the bands to take the stage as they have distinct sounds but similar followings. Bottom line, these bands were bringing the heat, especially since they were playing one of the premier rooms in one of the toughest music markets in the country.

Rolando Ramos Presents was the first band to take the stage, they are a psychedelic 4 piece band from Hoboken NJ with a sound that is reminiscent of the late eighties/early Nineties Grateful Dead.

Urban Sun, a funk,rock, and soul NYC band was up next, they were frenziedly energetic with 8 members jumping up and down for nearly an hour. Their front man was literally karate kicking his way across the stage, tambourine in hand. They have also been touring and selling out venues up and down the east coast, two thumbs up.

The second Headliner, Shwizz, is a Nyack NY based group of 7 with nearly a dozen others in rotation. They brought jazz infused tunes from their self-titled debut "shwizz" to a big stage level. They are hard-working up and comers that you will certainly have a chance to see in the near future. Shwizz band has a great sound and good energy as well as a serious fan base. They will be making the festival circuit this summer including Catskill "Chill Fest" and "Opple Topple music festival" near Philly. Be sure to check them out.

Fikus of Northern NJ closed out the stacked bill with a bang.This five man band has a large following as they are emerging onto the jam scene.They are generally recognized for the energetic nature of their live show, but have added a comparable studio effort with the release of Mover Shaker EP. It really captures the raw energy all of their fans have come to expect. Brooklyn-based Producer, Stephen Wall, really did a phenomenal job mixing the EP and the band has been very pleased with the response.

FiKus has been invited to play at numerous festivals this summer including Catskill Chill, Phan Phare, Muddy River Jam Fest, and Jam At The Grove 5. Fikus is also to be featured as the late night act for Opple Topple and Stir Fry Music Revival. More are soon to be announced

Fikus and Shwizz like to get together and throw a party. If you haven't had the opportunity to check them out yet, you should do so, Good Love Entertainment may have them playing near you.

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